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Seyyed Al-Shohada medical charity organization was founded in September 1,1963 and registered at Yazd as number 23 in non-commercial offices. As it is included in written constitution, the purpose of the it, is to generate and equip the clinic, maternity clinic and any other medical services complex to give people specially the poor ones, healthcare and sanitary services and public works. 

Activity Fields:

• Seyyed Al-Shohada Hospital

In 1970, the first brick of the 100 bed capacity hospital named Seyyed Al-Shohada installed by Ayatollah Sadooghi at one of the disadvantaged spots of the city. In 1360 the construction and equipment of the hospital continued and started with outpatient treatment. The area was 12000 m2  which on hospital development program, added emergency and heart department and nowadays the area is almost 54757 m2 and the land is 13050 m2.

During recent years, hospital development program has been always considered by attendants specially decedent Mr. Sadooghi and continued seriously, and by creating new buildings, buying tools and ordered equipments, and installing them, has been reached to the level of operational.



Introducing hospital departments:

Heart department: including MI therapy (stroke patients), heart surgery, angiography, endoscopy, ICU, CCU, general ICU

Heart surgery: angioplasty, eco, stress test and chemotherapy

Internal department: endoscopy and treatment

Surgery department 1: ear & eye & nose

Surgery department 2: general surgery, reconstructive Urology and orthopedics

Women department: birthing room and treatment

Children department: treatment and NICU

Radiology: radiology and sonography

Laboratory: pathology and biochemistry




Introducing clinic’s departments:

Internal clinic: examination, electrocardiography and spirometry 

Heart clinic: examination and electrocardiography

Children clinic: examination

Orthopedics clinic: examination

Ear & throat & nose: examination, washing ear and taking out external object

Ophthalmology clinic: examination and determining eye dominance

Women clinic: examination, colposcopy, adding or removing IUD

Skin clinic: examination

Urology clinic: examination

Dental clinic: examination, filling and pulling tooth

Audiometry: determining hearing

Oncology clinic

Lasik department

Speech therapy department

Auditory training department



Ardakan Textile:

Primary actions to construct Ardakan textile industries factories company (Pvt) according to the basic agreement 316367 in order to product cotton fabrics and artificial fibers has been started. Plan administrative project from 1984 to 1987, finished with completing production halls and installing and operating machineries. Operation license has been issued by ministry of industry of Yazd to the number 111.

General assembly of founders, in November 9,2008 approved the constitution of Ardakan textile industries factories company.

Company’s foundation’s advertisement has been inserted on the official newspaper with number 15962 named Ardakan textile industries factories company with number 4200 at the Yazd city companies’ registration bureau. 

According to the clause 2 of the constitution, company’s subject is:

a) foundation and operating from textile factories including spinning, knitting and completing for production various threads and cotton fabrics and artificial fibers and similar products.

b) distribution, sale and exporting all of the manufactured products

c) importing raw material and machineries

d)implementation all industrial project, financial and commercial that is related to above subjects, directly or indirectly.

Except above, Seyed Al-Shohada medical charity institution has been taking part in partnership and investment on below fields:

a) Taban knitting blanket factories, 33 percent

b) Yazd Safaeeiyeh hotel, 16 percent

c) Welfare complex construction plan including: hotel, cinema, restaurant and commercial center

d) feasibility and studying the market in order to construct a new hospital in treatment and health field of Yazd province.

e) Creating health tourism unit

Also Seyyed Al-Shohada medical charity institution got its ow estates and because of that, has been always looking for constructing all over the Yazd city.


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